Web Design

I’ve been designing again, which makes me happier than I can explain to you.  Gives my days some meaning?  Although it kind of makes me feel like I’m cheating. I’m actually getting paid for doing something fun? Is that possible?

Click on the pictures below to see full sized proofs.





Like the bumblebee

We had a quick false alarm where we all thought we’d be flying home on Friday. Luckily, jon and stephen both found extra jobs to work on and now we’re clear again to stay until the 8th.

I keep talking about aligning expectations as a key to happiness, and I think I may be on to something. A few weeks ago I was gung-ho about wanting to stay here on a three year contract. But now that our time is drawing to an end, I’m eager to go “home”.

So. In a last ditch attempt to make the most of our time, we’ve got a busy week lined up.

Last Sunday, I took a solo-trip to the island of Enoshima. I have some rad pictures of fuji to share with you soon. Last night we had stephen and jill over for dinner (which turned out really good – I’m going to post the recipes soon!). Tonight we’re going to a soccer game and tomorrow a ping-pong tournament! Friday we’re trying to organize a picnic/bbq with all the japanese friends we’ve made while we’ve been here. Saturday is “garden day” – where we’re going to rock it old’school in the park. Perhaps there will be day-drinking? Sunday, unfortunately jon has to work.

In the meantime, my book is coming together nicely. I’m at about 150 pages and nearly through our April adventures. Just need to work on typography a bit. I’m looking forward to showing it to all of you. Sesame is busy as usual, though I have to admit that having some extra help (thanks to Caren!) means life doesn’t suck. I’m designing more and I haven’t threatened suicide in like, three weeks.

Working in the Future

Glad you asked. teamEggers is… working.

Mrs. teamEggers is rather grumpy about said arrangements, but I think she’s handling it rather gracefully. After all, actually working 6pm-7am, 7 days a week, sucks significantly more for Mr. teamEggers.
But you don’t see him complaining about it.

You may be wondering what *I’m* doing in my now jon-less time. I haven’t been terribly inspired to conquer new territories alone, so I spend my nights quietly. Having exhausted my supply of Murakami books, I’ve taken to reading trashy novels and drinking wine at the Spanish bar we recently found.

I’m also working on a coffee table book with the photos from our trip. I expect it to be around 100 pages long – 11×13.

Rereading all of our blog posts from the past four months has been really interesting. I look back at the posts from January and can honestly say I’ve learned some things about this crazy country. I no longer leave the house in well-disguised-terror and I can accurately tell the difference between a shrine and a temple.

My goal is to finish the book before May and send it off to print a week before we leave. I would really love it if we had it right away to show everyone when we got back.

In 1999 we were still developing film and showing off our photo albums. In 2009 we’re actually publishing books with the help of software like iPhoto, WordbPress, and Blurb. I love the future.

(the picture up top are of the snail-statues outside our apartment)