Happy Valentines Day, everyone.

Jon and I have big plans for the day that include champagne in the morning and end with a Michelin Starred Restaurant and a hotel in tokyo.  (The main event for the weekend is the tuna auction at the Tsukiji Fish Market, but it starts earlier than the first trains, so we’ll have to stay over night in the city for the evening. Boy, that stinks <sarcasm>). I’m so excited I could pee myself.

We’ve been on this new Ramen kick, probably spurred on by that NY Times article about ramen in Tokyo a few weeks ago.  It linked us to a few ramenlovin blogs that we are ready disciples of.

More on all of that later of course.

A few nights ago we had some friends over for dinner.  While the food I made didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, it was great to have friends over. I kind of love dinner parties.  Also, I love having friends that are forgiving when my sauce doesn’t turn out like I expected it to.  I’m sad that I didn’t take any pictures.