Toast of the Town

A few months ago, after noticing that my new years resolution to “be less judgy” was failing miserably, Damon suggested that instead of a “new year resolution”, I should have a “new quarter resolution” – and try to at least remember what I’m working on for 3 months.

live each day with zest.

In the spirit of Damon, I bring you my Q2 resolution: Nevermind the naysayers, I’m going to Embrace My Ultralame Ideas of Fun. Because you know what? I like planning obsessively. And I really like staying at home on a Friday night, reading a book with a glass of wine, and going to bed at 9:30. And to really fully complete the quest of turning into an old lady, I joined Toastmasters.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Toastmasters is a club that encourages public speaking, leadership, thinking on your feet, and articulation. They meet once a week in various neighborhoods (my local chapter is just up the hill from my house), and each time there are 3 speeches, 3 evaluations of those speeches, and a few fun think-on-your-feet kind of games.

I… really like it. There’s about 15 people in the group, and it seems like they’re a really welcoming, caring community. I’ve been there twice now and so many people from the group have gone out of their way to make sure I feel welcome, establish a connection with me, and encourage me to get up in front of the group and participate. How exciting.

So stay tuned for more on that. I’m trying to get more involved in the Speakers Bureau at work, which is taking two different directions at the moment – one of them’s actually happening and the other’s purely in my head. One of my nearterm goals in life is to travel around the country and talk about the web (standards, our products, our research, etc) for Sesame. The real part of this story is that I started teaching online classes last January. Kind of exciting. I wrote up a curriculum of 10ish topics to talk about throughout the year, and I do about two per month. Keeps it interesting.

Let me rephrase: it adds to my growing “to do” list that keeps me so busy I often look like my hair is on fire. But i kind of like that. And I dyed my hair hot pink this week, so I suppose it actually *does* look a little like it’s on fire these days.