Some things, briefly.

m & j - denali park

It used to be that I’d think of teamEggers while life was happening, couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it. What happened to that? Where did the intense desire to share life with you go? Again, I’ll work on that. I have high hopes for the summer.

In the meantime, you’ve missed out on a trip to victoria, (las vegas), chicago, and half of an anchorage trip. I’ve made awesome progress at work and have had some … growth opportunities… at home. Life occurs, whether you remember to record it or not, eh?

So here we are in Anchorage, visiting jon’s parents and experiencing Alaska’s land, air, and sea. It’s quite incredible country.

Did you know reindeer are real? I always thought they were fictional. So much for that.

m & j reindeer

I am a chronic party-pooper. I always think things will be terrible, but always enjoy myself while it’s happening. Now, I suppose you could say this was a good thing, but by the same token – why am I such a naysayer?  I don’t look like a downer.  If you met me on the street, you’d think “that girl’s kind of fun!” not “god, I can’t believe she’s so negative!”  And yet, here we are.

I have a point, I swear.

Nature? Pft. As we speak, I’m trying to drown my sorrows and my scratchy throat-itchy-sneezy-self with a bottle of Elk Cove. The ideal way to take in nature? Behind a pane of glass, window open, wine in hand. This was the perfect “lake view” cottage. Wine-fueled meditation.

m enjoying nature

For some reason, I don’t think this is what deepak had in mind. Thanks anyways, guru.

Among other things, the weekend had us flying over views that really make you consider the universe…

denali flight

…oggling the braided rivers of Denali park…

braided river - denali

…and generally rejoicing at my good fortune in life.  Deepak says that good luck is preparedness + being open to opportunities (yes, you’ll probably hear about this particular authour a few times in the future – he’s my latest obsession), so perhaps it’s not being fortunate, but rather having good partners in life that tell you what to do, even though you’re a party pooper and insist that everything will be terrible.

Denali has been the highlight of the yet-to-be-completed Alaska trip, and I was so opposed to going. To think, I might have missed out on these sheep! I’m sure there are some pretty obvious life lessons to be learned here, but instead of dwelling I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures.

dahl sheep in denali